Our work has been featured in venues such as Neuron, PNAS, Science Advances, Nature Communications, Current Biology, Physical Review Letters, among others.

For a full lists of publications see Google Scholar, and for pre-prints check arXiv, biorXiv and medRxiv

Here we list only recent publications with data or code available for download:

Neural and subjective effects of inhaled DMT in natural settings. Pallavicini, C., Cavanna, F., Zamberlan, F., de la Fuente, L. A., Arias, M., Romero, M. C., ... & Tagliazucchi, E.  Journal of Psychopharmacology     [DATA]

Modeling the relationship between regional activation and functional connectivity during wakefulness and sleep. Ipiña, I. P., Perl, Y. S., Kringelbach, M. L., Kehoe, P. D., Deco, G., Laufs, H., & Tagliazucchi, E.  Neuroimage     [CODE]

 The avalanche-like behaviour of large-scale hemodynamic activity from wakefulness to deep sleep. Bocaccio, H., Pallavicini, C., Castro, M. N., Sánchez, S. M., De Pino G., Laufs, H., Villarreal, M. F., Tagliazucchi, E. . Journal of the Royal Society Interface     [DATA]  [CODE]

Relationship among subjective responses, flavor, and chemical composition across more than 800 commercial cannabis varieties. Alethia de la Fuente, Federico Zamberlan, Andrés Sánchez Ferrán, Facundo Carrillo, Enzo Tagliazucchi, Carla Pallavicini. Journal of Cannabis Research     [DATA]